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Blogger News: Introducing #GucciGram Tian 14.3.16

Gucci's new Tian print reaches deep into the history of art.



Gucci’s new Tian print reaches deep into the history of art, finding inspiration in delicate ancient Chinese “Bird and Flower” paintings. For the second #GucciGram project curated by creative director Alessandro Michele, Asian artists including Kelbin Lei, Jaesuk Kim, and Yoshito Hasaka create their own versions of the Tian print, an education in digital cultural syncretism.
The Chinese fashion illustrator known as Acnestories works in a style that is smooth, subtle, and charming—not a blemish in sight. Figures look quickly sketched out, featuring a mere suggestion of eyes or a nose with a well-placed dot here, a squiggled line there. Full of sartorial detail and imbued with a romantic color scheme, Acnestories’s drawings would fold seamlessly into a Wes Anderson movie with their cute, neurotic characters. Take his Gucci riff, for example: four different young men stand shoulder-to-shoulder underneath an arc of the Tian pattern, bare-chested. One figure looks like a polished architect with his glasses and jauntily knotted scarf, while another is tough, with shoulder-length hair and covered in tattoos. Despite not having much in the way of clothing, each character has a distinct fashion identity, proving that when it comes to both art and clothes, sometimes less is still more
Lee Kyutae for #GucciGram Tian 
Korean artist Lee Kyutae’s illustrations are rendered in delicate colored pencil and pastel, the light touch reminiscent of Impressionism. Simultaneously playful and poised, the drawings impart a sense of nostalgia and vacation, their figures ambling through large, beautiful spaces. A tiny couple strides down a sunlit path; a shimmeringly rendered cat crosses the street. For Gucci, Kyutae has depicted a bustling palazzo full of tiny figures, with clouds low in the sky. Though spare, the image is full of movement and gesture. Adding an extra dimension to the flat drawing, the blooms and branches of the Tian print curl around the frame, as though embracing the scene depicted.

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