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Blogger News: Finally! Wearable GIFs in Real Life 17.3.16

Express yourself with a digital pin that allows you to create, share and wear images and animated gifs.



Pins Collective is a digital pin. It’s a wearable with a round shaped digital screen that will let you create, share and wear that pop-art heart on your collar. Our vision is to become the first wearable device that builds the users identity, defines her personality and functions as a fashionable accessory – all based on the wearers spur of the moment.

Pins Collective is community based and we want our users to create, wear and share their designs with each other. In the app there is creator tool that lets you create your own designs based on your preferences of styles, messages or any picture you might have taken recently.
You can choose to keep your designs to your self or share them with the community or your followers so others can wear the same designs you are wearing. Those days you don’t feel all that inspirational you can browse through other users designs and upload their material to your own pin.

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