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Blogger News: Saw a Cool Outfit On TV? Get It Instantly With Ever App 31.3.16

Ever App satisfies the natural curiosity we experience while watching video content.



About Ever

Did you want to buy something you saw? Did you ever wonder about people you were seeing on the screen, what they were wearing, where was the scene shot, or who made the furniture? Now you can find all of that with tap of a button with Ever.


Ever App

Ever App™ offers a two-screen experience i.e. when you wonder about something you see on TV (screen 1), press the Ever App™ button on your phone (screen 2) to identify and instantly purchase the items.


Ever Extension

Ever Extension™ offers a single screen experience on web browsers (laptops and tablets). When you are watching a video on YouTube or any other streaming website, the items of interest automatically show up on the side of the video.


Ever API

Ever API™ is a product for content creators. With the Ever API™ , content creators can tag items to make People, Places, Products discoverable inside their videos.

With the Ever App™ and Ever Extension™, customers discover and instantly purchase everything inside streaming videos. Also, content creators can stop peppering them with advertisements. Ever deeply engages customers and exponentially increases video monetization. Customers can purchase most of the discovered items. All three Ever products are offered at no charge for customers and content creators.


The problem of discovery inside videos has persisted to exist for the last two decades. Ever has solved this problem by developing two core technologies: 


Real Time Cloud Based Frame Capture (Ever Capture™ )


When consumers tap the Ever App™ on their smartphone, a signal goes to the streaming device and gets the time-stamp for the content consumers are watching. Ever Capture™ sends the frame corresponding with that time-stamp along with the items associated with the frame to the smartphone.

Deep Learning Based Ultra Fast Tagging Platform (Ever Detector™ )


Ever Detector™ creates an association between frames in a video and the items within that frame. Ever Detector™ leverages deep learning and will become fully-automated with scale.


When consumers are using Ever Extension the items associated with each frame show up on the side of the video. For consumers, it is a magical experience.

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