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Blogger News: OLO - The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer 5.4.16

At $99, OLO is portable and multimaterial, works accurately for professionals, and is easy for new users.



OLO's technology is simple - yet brilliant - because half of its hardware is already in your pocket,making it easy for anyone to print in 3D.

And because there are more than 2.2 billion smartphone users, OLO is not just a device, it's not just a 3D printer: it's a game changer.

We have been hard at work for 2 years perfecting the case, reinventing mechanics, reengineering micro-chips, and discovering a completely new line of materials called Daylight Resins.

The final result is a beautiful and portable design that is easy to use at a fraction of the cost of any other 3D printer on the market.

OLO makes 3D printing easy and accessible for everyone.

We made OLO:

simple to use


clever in technology

stylishly designed

social to exchange

And surprisingly inexpensive.


OLO is the first smartphone-powered 3D printer.

Simple and affordable, OLO uses the light from your smartphone's screen to print 3D objects.

You can take OLO anywhere. Truly compact and light, it fits in any bag or backpack. You can even bring OLO with you while traveling; including onboard a flight!


OLO works with smartphones of almost any size or brand. Even large 5.5 inch displays such as iPhone 6S+ or Galaxy A7.

Regardless of brand or size, OLO can turn your phone into a 3D printer!


We made OLO available for almost any device. All you need is a flat touch screen smartphone.

OLO is compatible with OS from Apple, Android, and Windows. 


01. Select your object

02. Pour in the resin of your choice

...and OLO does the rest!


OLO's building chamber was designed to prevent light penetration in order to maximize the effectiveness of the white light emission from your smartphone's display.


OLO can reach a resolution of up to 32 microns.

For example an iPhone 6 can build 1 cm in approx 46 minutes (or 1 inch in approx 1 hour and 55 minutes).

You can use any 3D scan software, including Autodesk 123D Catch.  

Or you can create your own design from your favorite 3D software.




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