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Blogger News: Sharp to Release RoBoHoN Mobile Robotic Phone 14.4.16

Sharp Corporation will release RoBoHoN, a small and easily portable robot-shaped phone.



Sharp Corporation will release RoBoHoN, a small and easily portable robot-shaped phone.

The phone was developed in collaboration with Tomotaka Takahashi, Project Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology and CEO of robot development company Robo Garage Co., Ltd. RoBoHoN is the world's first*1 mobile robotic phone. This humanoid robot can walk on two legs and is compact enough (approx. 19.5 cm tall) to be carried almost anywhere.

Supporting LTE and 3G networks, RoBoHoN has all the basic mobile phone functions, such as phone, e-mail, and camera, as well as a range of services accessed through dedicated apps, all of which are used by conversing with this humanoid. A newly developed built-in compact laser projector*2 with focus-free operation allows users to project photos, videos, and maps onto a screen or wall. Users can also download dedicated apps to give RoBoHoN new functions and services. What's more, RoBoHoN can grow to accommodate more natural communication with the user by learning the user's profile and usage situation.

In conjunction with the product launch, an official RoBoHoN website provides users with cloud services and information on connectivity, product warranty, and how to reserve and purchase RoBoHoN.

Sharp is focusing on promoting and supporting RoBoHoN, a totally new concept in IT mobile devices.

Product name

Mobile Robotic Phone



Model name


Suggested retail price

198,000 yen plus tax*3

Date of introduction (in Japan)

May 26, 2016

  • Note: Pre-order sales to begin at 1 p.m. on Thursday, April 14, 2016 via the official RoBoHoN website.

Monthly sales volume

5,000 units

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Major Features

  • 1. Humanoid robot can walk on two legs and be operated by voice commands.
  • 2. Compact enough to carry and use almost anywhere.
  • 3. In addition to all the basic mobile phone functions such as phone, e-mail, and camera, RoBoHoN has a projector for showing photos and videos the user has taken.
  • 4. By downloading dedicated apps, users can expand the range of functions and services RoBoHoN offers.
  • *1 As of April 14, 2016; for mobile phones (based on Sharp research).
  • *2 A RoBoHoN's projector function can only be used by the registered user of that particular RoBoHoN.
  • *3 In addition to the price of RoBoHoN itself, there are various monthly service fees, such as for the Cocoro Plan. If users do not register for the Cocoro Plan, they cannot use the voice recognition function.
  • ● RoBoHoN, Cocoro Plan, and the RoBoHoN logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sharp Corporation.

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