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Simple decorating with spring's fresh-cut flowers can be a delightful option that's never overdone.



Intricate, grand flower arrangements are a lovely sight at any event, but there is beauty in simple elegance too. At your next event, you could opt for a vase of fresh-cut spring flowers—for everything from centerpieces to a boardroom table accent.

Simple and straightforward, options like these are not only beautiful, but also budget-friendly. Here are a few ways to use them at your event.

Make a Scene

Set the scene at your event’s entrance with a group of flowers: Here, farm-fresh blooms are set in rustic containers in this power-packed display, highlighting the value of strength in numbers without overpowering.

Flower Cart

The Long and Short

Simple-cut flowers in varied shades—like these Gerbera daisies—look great almost anywhere and make a big impact when staggered in height. Look for sleek vases for extra oomph.

Gerbera Daisies

Small But Mighty

Even a single bloom can cheer up your meeting setting! Add a pop of color and a breath of spring to your conference table, or decorate an office supply display to keep the creativity blooming at your next Ideate or Produce meeting.

Functional Centerpiece

Sunny Simplicity

Try selecting fresh flowers with large blooms for minimal materials and maximum impact. When you're using a low vase or jar, cutting the flower stems very short will dedicate more space to the flower, making it look larger, with fewer flowers per display to worry about.

Simple Table Decor

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