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Blogger News: eNeighbr hold your deliveries for you 26.4.16

Trusted neighbors can earn money collecting packages.



eNeighbr is a platform that allows you to find a trusted neighbor or local business that's willing to accept a delivery on your behalf. When shopping online on any site, before completing your checkout, open a new tab or use your smartphone or tablet and go to www.eneighbr.com. Book an available eNeighbr based on your delivery date or date range, proximity, rating, gender, and late-hour pick up availability and ship to their address. The price per delivery is $3.99 flat.
What is an eNeighbr?
In every community, you’ll find a diverse range of people with schedules that differ from your own. eNeighbrs are people in your community that are available during the day to receive your deliveries. Stay at home parents, retired folks, freelancers, and storefront businesses in or near your building all make great eNeighbrs. eNeighbrs are all over age 21 and are capable of signing for all of your important packages; including that wine-of-the-month club shipment, same-day Amazon delivery, or that awesome new cardigan.
Is becoming an eNeighbr right for you?
Do you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer?
Are you generally home during the day?
Do you want to make some extra money?

As an eNeighbr customer, you still shop on any retailer website, as you normally would. Once you get to the checkout page and discover your estimated delivery date or dates, go to www.eneighbr.com on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet and select “have an eNeighbr hold your delivery”, or if you’re already signed in, choose “Find an eNeighbr”.

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