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Blogger Review: Florette Belgium Launches Kale Line With Workshop For Food Bloggers

Join our professional cooking workshop (19 May) and get surprised by the unique dishes and delicious tapas with a glass of champagne on the side. Are you in?



The event takes place on 19 May 2016 from 18:30 to 22:00 in the beautiful Mmmmh kitchen in Saint-Gilles, the trendiest district of Brussels.

Florette: salad is our passion

 develops quality products for the whole family. Our mission is to process salads as fast and careful as possible to get them as beautiful and fresh as can be on your plate.
Our lettuce, vegetables and all commodities of agriculture are produced in a sustainable way by using appropriate methods while respecting the environment.

Kale in the spotlight
New on the shelves at Carrefour and Colruyt you can now find the kale 60g and 100g kale mix with kale, spinach and carrots. Not only the perfect ingredient for your healthy lunch or delicious dinner, but also for smoothies!
Kale has a great nutritional value and is rich in minerals: a logical addition to the range of Florette.
Belgian bloggers (Dutch / French speaking) are invited to a VIP cooking experience in Brussels on 19 May 2016 from 18:30 to 22:00. Be the first to test the professional recipes with the new kale line from Florette and receive a voucher of €100 for Vandenborre. Please notice: only bloggers who will attand the workshop will receive the voucher.

Bloggers who will be chosen to participate in this campaign:
1) Participate in the exclusive workshop on May 19th
2) Talk on their blog and social media about:
- The Florette brand
- The new Florette kale products
3) Use the hashtags for the event on their blog and social media: #FloretteKale #lovesalad 
4) Link to the Florette website on their blog and tag the respective Florette Facebook page /Instagram account on social media

5) Deadline: all posts must be published by 22 May 2016.

Bloggers who are interested to participate in this campaign and can meet the above conditions can submit their nomination here. Further practical details will be announced to the selected bloggers later on.

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