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Blogger News: Yibu - Bringing Together the Physical and the Digital With New Children’s Game 16.5.16

A new learning platform transforms screen time into a meaningful and physically active experience.



Yibu includes five crafted wooden toys embedded with sensing technology, which are connected to a character experiencing environmental challenges on the screen. Children who play the game learn about the world around them and feel empowered to positively influence it.


The sensing toys gather real-time environmental data and, together with location-based data, influence the digital game. By moving around and placing the toys in different situations, the child discovers how temperature, sound, light, direction and rotation influence the digital character.



Today kids are spending more time indoors and alone with digital devices than ever before, often at the expense of physical activity. Yibu turns the home into an adventure playground where kids can be active and have fun in a safe environment. 



Challenges become more complex as players progress through the game, requiring them to combine different sensors to achieve their goals. Yibu is designed as a modular platform that could offer a variety of different games that connect to the sensing toys.

We hope Yibu will inspire organizations and investors in the toy retailing, smart toy, gaming and education markets to make kids’ screen time a more meaningful and physically active experience.

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