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GoInStore is a unique customer experience proposition which creates a direct communication channel between your online visitors and your in-store assistants using head mounted wearable technology or other mobile devices.



What is it?

GoInStore is a unique proposition that closes the gap between the online and offline world by facilitating the in-store/showroom experience online and in doing so delivers the key benefits from each engagement type to maximise conversion, brand engagement and customer service.

How does it work?

GoInStore consists of a combination of cutting edge wearable hardware, server infrastructure and a unique artificial intelligence driven assignation engine.

GoInStore enables a two way conversation supported by a one way live video stream between your website visitors and your in-store/showroom sales and/or customer service resources. Utilising the latest in ‘smart glasses’ wearable technology GoInStore enables your website visitors to effectively view the products in your brick and mortar stores or showrooms “through the eyes” of your in-store/showroom resources.

What are the benefits?

GoInStore enables you to offer your website visitors a unique service to improve their onsite user experience by providing them with direct real time access to your most valuable sales asset, your in-store/showroom resources.

The service enables your in-store/showroom resources to build rapport with your website visitors, share their knowledge and expertise, establish trust amongst your products and brand and ultimately close the deal/book an appointment, upsell and cross sell.

GoInStore reduces the length of your sales cycles and brings your online conversion rates closer to your in-store conversion rates.

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