Blogger News: Teach Kids Road Safety With Mr. Bear Driver 24.5.16

Mr. Bear Driver is the first anti-boredom game for road trips that teaches kids traffic rules and actively involves them in road safety. When activated in a moving vehicle, the game is directly influenced by the real speed of the car, through GPS.


The main character in the game lets the kid know when the real-life legal speed has been exceeded, and asks him / her to tell the driver to slow down instantly. If the driver doesn’t reduce speed immediately, the kid loses points and the game ends abruptly. This way, little ones can influence the road behaviour of their parents,becoming true copilots. And, most importantly, they learn that excessive speeding is never a good thing.
The project is developed by Publicis Romania together with the Automobile Club of Romania for the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, within the 2015-2016 “Junior Copilot” programme.