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Buffets, along with other food and drink stations, offer an opportunity to create anchor "look" elements for your event.



The menu at your event is always a critical component. In fact, you might want to start there and then build your event’s entire look around it.

Great-looking food setups that serve as decor anchors not only create drama and make your gathering memorable, they help you carry a consistent approach throughout your meeting or event.

Here are five that we think can drive creative thinking as you plan your meeting.

Theme It Up

Take a theme to extremes, like this super-hero snack break. In this instance, the approach also provides some great sparks to get attendees revved up for an Ideate meeting.

Expand Horizons

Use your buffet to invite your attendees into the local culture. Here, both the design elements and the food give participants a taste of their location.

Educated Service

Don’t just go for a farm-to-table menu; take advantage of the dining experience to share information about the local foods being served. Nutritional information and recipes can be compelling details of the buffet—and perfect for an meeting. The crisp white, gray and black decor of this setup makes the food the star of the show.

Make It to Order

Consider bringing the chef; it will make your meal a cooking show experience that guests can remember. Here, the large wok and fun use of take-over containers add additional flair—sure to make for a nice icebreaker as attendees mix and mingle at the stations.

Take It Outdoors

Rather than simply serve the meal at an outdoor location, go large with a major display of the cuisine. This rustic setting comes to life with the massive barbecue racks and rustic sideboards for an inviting buffet service under strung market lights.

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