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Blogger News: TalkTalkbnb: Stay for free with local people 5.7.16

Learn a language the easy way among native speakers!



Find free accommodation!
Anywhere in the world.
Home away from home with locals...
Simply by talking with them!
Language immersion at home!
Enjoy practising languages. 
With native-speakers...
Simply by hosting them!

Who are we?

TalkTalkBnb is a French website, set up by an entrepreneur from Lorient*, Hubert Laurent, with a group of students from higher education establishments within the region, of all nationalities.

*Lorient – Brittany France

“We’re hoping to create a large international language-learning community,
based on practice and sharing.
Our ambition is to connect thousands of people from all countries,
for cultural exchanges and travel.”


Where did the idea come from?

TalkTalkBnb is based on simple facts.

Firstly, in today’s society it’s essential to speak one or more foreign languages.

Being able to speak foreign languages is without doubt a plus. This is true for children, students, working men and women and those looking for work.

Secondly, the best way to learn a language is to practice. 


The TalkTalkBnb concept is based on these facts:

Putting people who want to learn languages in touch with people who want to travel the world, we offer a clever alternative to traditional accommodation, while by helping hosts learn a language.

For those travelling, it means free accommodation, good homemade meals, contact with local people, advice on where to go and what to do, etc.

For those hosting, it’s the unique opportunity to practice a language with a native-speaker, at home, in an informal but very effective way.



If we were philosophers, we’d say that…

With more than 7,000 different languages and dialects worldwide, the global population, which should be a single entity (humans), is divided and fragmented.


Welcoming foreign tourists into your home, sharing a meal, talking, understanding, learning to speak their language, travelling… These are all key goals that this website can help achieve to bring people together in peace.


Large cosmopolitan cities such as New York, London and Paris are great examples of how we can live together.


After the Paris terrorist attacks, Paris’ very cosmopolitan population grew stronger and more unified, as if to say "We come from different cultures but we’re experiencing the same thing, in the same place and most importantly we understand each other."


If only everyone on earth could communicate and understand each other, this would ease tensions.


This is what TalkTalkBnb is working towards.

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