Blogger News: Bod - Love is Just Around the Corner 25.7.16

Ever wish you could turn a bad date into a good date? Now you can, with this new app!


The bod app gives you permission to do just that! The app connects other app users within your vicinity
-- both fellow bad-date sufferers and app members -- turning one bad date into a real-time experience that you now can control.

bod is a geo-location-based mobile dating app that revolutionizes mobile dating by offering new opportunities, choices, and — most importantly — hope, all while on a bad date. With the bod app, users can move on from a bad date and potentially meet someone new, in real-time, by enabling their discoverability in “Date Mode.” bod is the mop-up crew for all the other dating sites and apps by giving the dater an OK to leave and find someone that’s a better match – a plan B. The person that is right for you may be right down the street in a similar situation and now with the bod app, it opens that door of hope and chance that was otherwise closed. And as our slogan says: “Seriously, nobody likes a bad date. Change your odds with bod.”