Blogger News: Renegade - The First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bags & Bottles 25.7.16

Renegade instantly recycles plastic waste, replacing costly filaments. Draw in the air without limits - free of charge and pollution.


Path to Renegade

We often use 3D printing for our projects and one day we finally got fed up with highly overpriced filaments. The plastic pellets used by manufacturers reach a maximum price of $0.6 per kg while the filaments they sell on to us can reach $200-250 per kg. After paying $100 for a 3D pen and being obliged to buy its filaments for $10 per 50 gram pack i.e. $200 per kg, we couldn't help but think this is crazy!

At the same time we've all witnessed the mountains of used plastic bottles and bags that continue to critically pollute our environment... and that plastic is practically the same as that which is widely uses for filament production! That's how Renegade was born. The perfect solid tool to eliminate overpriced filaments and to save the environment by directly recycling and reusing household plastic waste for 3D printing.

What makes Renegade unique?

Renegade is not the smallest, thinnest, lightest or cheapest 3D pen in the world. It doesn’t weld wires, burn wood, or cut through foam. And, it’s not in the Cloud.

Renegade specialises in one thing, and one thing only - it prints 3D models by recycling your plastic bottles, files, and bags. It’s reliable, and it does it like a pro.

Renegade is here to provide you with a great 3D printing experience with no compromises. So stop spending on overpriced proprietary filaments, start saving money, and start saving the environment.

How does it work?

Renegade uses a robust and powerful extruder that includes a screw-feeder mechanism and heating system. These combine to transport, destruct, and melt the plastic tape produced by the ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder or even standard filaments. The rotating screw forces the heated plastic to move forward evenly and extrudes it from the nozzle. The molten plastic then cools down rapidly into a solid and stable spatial structure. 

There are practically no material limitations, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Become the ultimate creator; simply plug in your Renegade and start creating in minutes.