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Blogger News: Mont Blanc Limited Edition 1597 Shakespeare Pen 8.8.16

"To be, or not to be, that is the question". 450 years after the birth of the great playwright and poet, these words, proclaimed by Shakespeare's Hamlet, remain as powerful as the plays themselves. Montblanc commemorates 400 years since Shakespeare's death with this new Limited Edition pen.



The treasure trove of Shakespeare's work is honoured in the many details of the William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597. 

The body of the new writing instrument with its octagonal design is inspired by the Globe Theatre, and the clip ring recalls the golden earring Shakespeare wore in the most famous portrait of him, the Chandos portrait. 
The amazing multi-coloured barrel is created with exquisite guilloche patterns overlayed with precious lacquer, while the cap is pure black lacquer. 

In honour of the great dramatist of the human soul, the Montblanc Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597 is encircled with embossed symbols on the gold-coated rings decorating the cap and cone, representing his most famous plays. 

A rose and dagger stand for Romeo and juliet, a skull for Hamlet, two chess pieces for Kign Lear, a crest for Henry V, a Moorish-inspired pattern including a sword for Othello, a crown for Macbeth, a swirling cloud for The Tempest, and a laurel wreath in the form of a "C" for Julius Caesar, 

Inspired by the Globe, the cap top is shaped like the ringed roof of the theatre. 

The amazing engraving on the handcrafted 18K gold nib of the pen captures one of Shakespeare's most famous scenes ever performed on the legendary stage: the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. 

The limitation number engraved on the cap is prooof of the uniqueness of every piece. 

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