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Blogger News: Veeso - The World’s First Face Tracking Virtual Reality Set 9.8.16

The first headset capable of capturing your facial expressions and transferring them in real-time into the virtual world.



Why use a headset that simply renders audio and visual information for a passive immersion, when you can have one that is able to track your facial expression and interpret your very emotions?

Compatible with all your Apple's IOS and Android devices, and offering revolutionary features never before introduced in virtual reality: Veesois the most advanced VR Headset ever built for the mobile market!

With built-in face tracking cameras and sensor capable of capturing the users facial expressions and emotions, and transferring them in real time into the digital world – Veeso approach to Virtual Reality is a revolution. 

A first of its kind, our headset and software allows users to not only communicate with one another in VR; but to emote.

Not only will you be able to access and play with the thousands of virtual reality games and content available on the market; here are a few of the innovations that Veeso will bring to the VR world:

Become the protagonist of your favourite games by transferring your facial expressions onto any character in the virtual world, in real-time.

Interact and communicate with your friends, with realistic facial expressions and emotions, through in the most advanced and fun VR social networks.

Get unprecedented insight into your emotional journey whilst spending time in the VR environment, by effectively tracking and recognising signs of stress, fatigue and tiredness. 

wink Full face tracking
smartphoneiOS & Android compatibility
wifi Wireless compatibility

cardboardCardboard Ready

spannerDevelopment kit

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