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Blogger News: Ori - Robotic Furniture of the Future 9.8.16

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Ori enables effortless transformation of interior spaces

Guided by the principal that interior space, particularly in high-density urban innovation centers around the world, has become too expensive to be static and unresponsive, Ori’s breakthrough innovation, technology and design create dynamic environments that act and feel as though they are substantially larger.  Through architectural robotics, Ori’s systems promise to liberate urban design, provide new user experiences, and unlock the potential of the places we increasingly want to live, work and play. The robotic technologies come out of MIT Media Lab's CityHome project, focused on utilizing technology to respond to the challenges of global urbanization.

Ori derives its name from “origami,” the Japanese art of folding paper to create beautiful and remarkable objects. Like its etymology, Ori is a prefix for something magical to come.

Ori runs on breakthrough robotic technology

Running on modular and scalable mechatronics, Ori units seamlessly glide with the light push of a button. The on-device interface uses motion sensors to light up, with pre-settings for the different possible configurations and the ability to connect to other smart devices. Ori is the brawn and the brain of the furniture and architecture of the future.

Ori full system

At the touch of a button, the full-size bed configuration transforms to offer a full-scale bedroom, office, and living room. The retractable bed offers both an office and closet with abundant storage space, and a full media console/credenza for the living room. Both units have an on-device console with presets to control the unit's movement, as well as a corresponding app to reconfigure the unit from anywhere in the world.

Ori queen system

Ori’s residential systems offer intelligent space on demand: with the light touch of a finger, a spacious living room converts into a comfortable bedroom, a walk-in-closet, or an office, all connected to any smart-home ecosystem. The queen configuration features a sliding queen size bed with closet and office, couch, and a significant amount of storage space.

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