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Blogger News: Convert Your Child’s Drawing Into Unique Jewelry 18.8.16

We believe that the drawings of children is one of the most valuable building blocks in creativity. In the Design Workshop I turn these valuable drawings into permanent lifelong memories. We transform objects into wearable art.



The idea of turning children's art into timeless precious memories was born with the first drawings of my daughter Serin. And this project came true with sculptor and goldsmith Özgür’s talent, perfectly made jewelries and the designs of her son Kerem.

I’m an artist and working with children more than 5 years on creativity & art. I emphasise the power of art and give advice on how to support the drawings of children which is the premium building stone of children’s creativity. The best way is to love, respect and give proper value to their drawings.

From that perspective, at TasarimTakarim, by turning children's art into jewelry, we aimed to show the children that their art is precious and unique. And we started to turn the children’s drawings into timeless memories - wearable art objects. 

Because we know the pride and the happiness of having jewelry designed by kids.

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