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Blogger News: Sage - Food Data Made Simple 30.8.16

Welcome to the Sage Project, a new platform where design and technology come together to create the food labels we've always wanted - smart, simple, and personalized.



Food data should be openly available, reliable and actionable.
Visual cues make complex data easy to digest and accessible to all.

We pinpoint info that matters most to you and your individual needs.

Hungry for data?
We've got it.

Tons of it — direct from the source. We’ve partnered with loads of brands and are always expanding our reach. The goal is to provide honest, accurate information in an easy-to-understand way.

We are a team of designers, dietitians, and creative technologists with a simple mission: reimagine food data by making it smart, simple, and personalized. Until now, this info has often been unapproachable, confusing, and rarely tells the complete story.
That’s why we built the food data platform we’ve always wanted. We think of it as our dream label. We love it, and hope you do too. If you have any suggestions or feedback, or want to get involved, please email us. We'd love to hear from you!
The people
behind the Sage Project.
The Sage Project is an NYC-based platform created by a team of designers, dietitians, data scientists, and creative technologists. We come from many backgrounds but we all share a common mission of making food data more accessible to the world. If you’re in NYC, come drop by and break bread with the team.

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