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Blogger News: FridgeCam - Check On Your Food When You’re Out 20.9.16

Shop Smart. Live Smarter. Connect your kitchen with the all new FridgeCam.





Retrofit your fridge. 

The FridgeCam is easy to fit inside any fridge be it old or new.
 Check the expiry date, from anywhere.  
Smarter Chef provides suggestions based on what you have in stock. Food waste will be a thing of the past. 
Know what you have in, even when you're out. 
The Smarter FridgeCam will remind you to pick up items that are running low, before they run out. 

Your fridge, on your phone. 

With a wide angle lens and the latest in imaging technology, FridgeCam connects to the Smarter Cloud via the app to allow you to see what's in the fridge. 
Receive notifications. 
Personalise your alerts and notifications to notify you when your fridge door has been left open, the temperature is too warm or cool... or simply when you need to pick up some more milk. 
Create shopping lists. 
Based on items that you track via the app with expiration notifications, automatically create shopping lists or add the items to your basket of your favourite grocery store or supermarket. 

Simple to use. 
Simply mount inside the fridge and connect to the Smarter app in just a few simple steps. FridgeCam takes a snapshot of your fridge every time you close the door. With Smarter, everyone in the household can connect and see what's in the fridge. 
In the box. 
Magnetic mount. 
USB charging cable.

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