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Blogger News: Scrip Digital Wallet 29.9.16

The Tangible Future of Digital Cash.



Turning Off Intentionless Spending
Scrip is a universal cash device, like an ATM in your pocket – easily loaded with your spending cash from a smartphone, bank account, or ATM. Scrip is designed to deliberately turn off our financial autopilot. By pushing the right psychological buttons in our brains that physical cash triggers, Scrip subtlety helps us to understand each bill spent or received, bringing a visceral value back to an intangible number.

Decelerating Digital
When paying for something, move your thumb over Scrip away from your body, the way you would when you’re counting out bills. Denominations physically ripple to the surface, adding tangibility, while mimicking the motion and palpable act of giving and receiving cash. The resulting interaction slows instantaneous transactions, hacking our brain to put onus back onto spending – the feeling of gaining or losing money - and reinserting the human experience back to digital cash. The resulting interaction slows down transaction time, adding thoughtfulness + consideration back into our spending. Because the feeling of gaining or losing money is actually present, Scrip reinserts the human experience back to digital cash.

Emotional Interaction Design
A merger of the digital and physical, allows us to return elements that make physical cash transactions so connective – movement, texture, and slowness. These feelings return the beneficial and consequential emotions of a physical transaction including the boost of Oxytocin you get when gifting or receiving cash, the pain you feel when spending a lot and the feeling of control you gain when interacting with cash. Scrip perfectly bridges the gap between the convenience of digital and the need for physical, bringing fiscal responsibility back into our hands.

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