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Blogger News: Google Daydream Virtual Reality Set 6.10.16

Simple, high-quality virtual reality.



VR wherever you are.
Slide in your Daydream-ready phone to experience high quality mobile VR from virtually anywhere. **
Immerse yourself.
When your phone’s screen becomes your big screen, you can get fully immersed in your favorite shows, movies, VR videos, and more.
Your personal cinema.
Daydream View lets you experience concerts, sports and the entire YouTube catalog, including a rich set of 360° panoramic videos.
Explore new worlds.
Scale towering peaks. Swim with a school of dolphins. Take the trip of a lifetime in the blink of an eye.
Get the full picture.
Travel to the ends of the earth, go undercover, and get the inside story with NYT VR, WSJ VR, the Guardian VR, and more.
Take control.
Fly through space or wield a magic wand—Daydream View’s intuitive and expressive controller transforms with your imagination.
Move naturally.
Swing a bat, bowl a strike, and even pilot your spaceship in intergalactic battles.
Be in the action.
Speed down the racetrack, cast your fishing line, and dominate a round of miniature golf.
Get comfortable.
Inspired by the clothes you wear, the headset is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric so you stay comfortable.
Make it yours.
Sign up to be the first to experience Daydream View.

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