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Blogger News: Reali - Real Estate Done Right 8.11.16

The formula for buying or selling a home just got a whole lot simpler.



How it Works: Get to Know Reali
Shop + Offer + Cash Back = Home


Use the Reali app to search available listings in our service areas. View enhanced home details and schedule on-demand showings. 
The ability to make an offer directly from the Reali app combined with a more open bidding process ensures seamless communication, optimal information gathering and transparency. 

Cash Back
Buyers represented by Reali receive a full cash back refund of the Buyer's agent commission (typically between 2% and 3%), minus our $2950 administrative fee, at close of escrow. This may result in many thousands of dollars back in your pocket. Those bathroom upgrades you wanted? Boom...Paid.
Find Home
Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you purchased your dream home on your terms. Reali. 

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