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Blogger News: Track Your Heart With The Bloomer Smart Bra 10.11.16

Learn about your heart. Transforming how people understand their bodies via wearable sensor technology.



Change the life of 1 billion people. 

We are a team with the full stock Strategy, Hardware, Sensors, Interface and Medical. We met each other at  Singularity University , we are leaders who want to impact positively the lives of 1 billion people, solving global grand challenges with exponential technologies.

Company Background

The team connected by personal stories which are our motivation to tackle the cardiovascular disease problems. We are inspired by Amelia Bloomer's legacy, she is a women's rights advocate from the 1800's who transformed the way we wear clothes, as corsets from her time were really damaging women's health. Thanks to her movement, women now use pants or any clothes which are comfortable and express our uniqueness. Demonstrating “clothing not only changes lives - it also changes history.” 

We present to you: Bloomer Tech, in this technological  era, we advocate for more progress in clothes, they should not only be worn, but give us true power to optimize our health.

We aim to transform how people understand their bodies via sensor technology. This will move treatments, medication, fitness and wellbeing from the current generalist treatment process to one that is user specific and individually focused.

Sadly, cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of women and 64% of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms. It is therefore imperative to have a tool that informs people in real time about their body and with machine learning prevent and improve the quality of life by really understanding what is going on in the body system. 


People often do not know what is happening in their bodies until it is too late.  Majority of fatalities occur because information is not present in a timely manner. Doctors need key information about their patients and at times find it very difficult to know what is happening in a person’s body in a day to day setting. 

Although cardiovascular diseases lead to more deaths than any other disease combined (malaria, cancer, aids, infectious disease)– People with cardiovascular disease and heart health interest need a tool that allows them to know what is happening over a consistent period of time, and also empowers them to beat these diseases and improve their health.


People can get information they need by just continuing daily natural behaviors and activities. This added knowledge monitors and tracks heart health and informs the healthcare professional about their patients in order for them to treat people in an effective and personal-centric manner.

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