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Blogger News: Customize Jewelry With Your Heartbeat 21.11.16

Literally a gift from the heart.



Crafted By My Heart is an app that uses the flash on your smartphone camera to detect the changes in the coloration of your finger, which allows it to measure your heartbeat.

Design Translation
The intensity and rhythm of your heartbeat translates into a unique digital rendering of your ring. 

Jewelry Crafting
Your unique ring rendering is then 3D printed into a wax model,which is molded and finally coated with the material of your choice.

From Heart to Finger
Your ring gets casted in silver, plated, polished, packaged and delivered to your doorstep. Every piece has a story to tell, one that comes truly from the heart. 

Surge and Sierra
Our rings come in two customizable base designs and three different finishes: silver, gold, and black silver (gunmetal IP). 

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