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Blogger News: Add AI To Any Car with Dashbot 22.11.16

AI-powered hands-free car accessory. Control your music, maps, and messages without touching your phone. Put Alexa in your car!



Dashbot connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and intelligently controls your music, maps, and messages with just your voice. Say “Dashbot, play James Brown” or "Dashbot, navigate home," and Dashbot’s AI will do the rest, playing sound through your car's stereo.
Today, we’re very excited to announce that integrated Amazon Alexa™ support is coming to Dashbot! Dashbot will be the best way to give you the magic of Alexa in your car. Ask Alexa to check the weather, play your audio books, and much, much more powered by 1000+ Alexa skills. 
You can choose to shift Dashbot into Alexa mode at first setup inside Dashbot’s app. Once setup, simply say "ALEXA" and make your request. 
Dashbot has built-in support for your playlists, podcasts, and favorite streaming services. With a simple request, Dashbot’s AI will search multiple services to find what you want to hear.
Dashbot currently supports Spotify, NPR One, FM Radio, Podcasts, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and more. Dashbot even has an open API so developers can easily add support for their own services.
Dashbot’s smartphone app puts all your streaming services under one roof. No switching between apps, no tiny popup controls, just your music controlled with your voice. Use the app to connect your favorite services, once setup is complete you don’t need to touch your phone to use Dashbot.
Dashbot is designed to be 100% voice controlled so you can keep your hands on the wheel. Dashbot announces turn-by-turn directions, reads your texts aloud, and tells you who is calling.
Got a question? Kick off any request by saying “Dashbot," its onboard AI adapts to your voice and surroundings to hear you clearly.

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