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Blogger News: Meet ReMarkable: Better paper. Better thinking 8.12.16

The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. Here to replace your notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts. Paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers.



Comfortably without disruptions
Reading fuels the brain, and reMarkable is the ultimate reading device. The paper-like display provides a superior reading experience. Write and annotate directly on the surface like you would on paper and let your eyes indulge the pages in comfort. Instantly transfer documents, PDFs, textbooks and e-books wirelessly with ease.
No more printing of documents
No more carrying heavy documents
Like ink on paper. Unlike any other display.
Pen and paper are our simplest yet most powerful tools of creation. Its tactility and immediate response makes it natural, intuitive, almost like an extension of our body. In the digital world it's difficult to replicate that experience. Attention to the subtlest details and nuances of the handwriting experience has made reMarkable as paper-like as it gets.
We love paper, but compared to our digital devices it's an island. Analogue. Disconnected. Limited. We are making paper digital, connected, limitless. With digital powers, paper becomes even more powerful.
A breakthrough technology - the CANVAS display
Years of development has crafted the world’s fastest digital paper. The CANVAS display gives you a true paper feel.
Looks and feels like paper with just the right friction. By combining cutting edge E Ink Carta technology with ultra-thin high-friction surface materials, the CANVAS display is purebred paper experience.
All your notes and sketches, on all devices
If you're a paper person you probably find it frustrating to keep track of notebooks, printouts and storing all that paper. reMarkable makes it easy to stay in control. With the reMarkable app available for all devices, and our own secure cloud service, all your notes and sketches will always be organized and instantly available.
Transfer your files quickly and wirelessly to reMarkable with a single click
reMarkable keeps you focused
In the age of social media and wireless internet, there is always something distracting you from the task at hand. reMarkable is designed to cultivate concentration. No web surfing, e-mails or social media means no distraction and no procrastination. Not only does it keep you focused, but writing by hand is scientifically proven to improve your capacity to learn.

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