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Blogger News: Cowlar - The Fitbit For Cows 24.1.17

Cowlar is a wearable for Dairy cows. We provide data as a service to help dairy farms become more efficient and useful



Cowlar (a fitbit for cows) is a wearable device for dairy animals designed to help farmers boost milk yield, optimize operations and improve herd health.

Small dairy farms get low milk yields because of primitive agri-practices. That's why - after speaking to hundreds of farmers from all around the world, we built a fitbit for cows!

You strap it around a cow's neck. It measures temperature, activity and cow behavior (Eating, sleeping, lameness, Gait). Cowlar makes sense of the data and sends the farmers actionable recommendations to:


  1. 1. Boost reproduction rates
  2. 2. Identify diseases instantly
  3. 3. Improve milk yield
  4. 4. We can even tell if someone is stealing your cow!



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