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Blogger News: Twillory Dress Shirts 30.1.17

World's first non-iron 100% formaldehyde-free dress shirts.




Don’t know your past, Don’t know your future – Ziggy Marley

Yes, we are a startup. We started in 1892. Our history in manufacturing begins in Austria at the turn of the century with Emanuel Goldschmidt (above). The business was transplanted by Alfredo Goldschmidt (on right) to Argentina mid-century and finally to New York in 1980. Now it is Ricardo Goldschmidt, Twillory’s president, who carries on his family heritage in textile design and apparel manufacturing.

Our company still crafts and produces millions of garments yearly for clients worldwide. This extensive firsthand experience has made us all too aware of the uncontested and unfair retail markup structure. We are positioned to offer an authentic alternative. Some call it disruptive, we simply call it Twillory.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard. To ensure maximum quality control, a founding partner (Andy) has taken residence and runs our overseas office in close proximity to our factories. This ensures close monitoring of production practices as well as our ethical standards and environmental impact.

Our legacy and intensive efforts have given us a new calling; to enhance our customers’ experience in particular and the retail model overall.


Call it the New Retail Age. We envision a time when retail will be infused with transparency, social responsibility, and true consumer centricity. Twillory aims to be a leader in this trend by perpetuating our trifecta of manufacturing expertise + ambitious philanthropy + transformative technology.

Our commitment is to the long haul; plans for the rapid roll-out of additional products and categories are underway. The physical and digital realms are merging and we happen to have some front row seats. So pull up a chair and let’s have some fun. 


Your state of dress is your state of mind. Presenting over breakfast… rolling up your sleeves for a brainstorm… grabbing a cocktail with a colleague… it’s all about looking your best at each moment, throughout each day.

Our carefully selected, high quality fabrics – we hand-feel each to ensure it wears well – provide a versatile elegance that allows you to move from the conference table to a table for two.


You’re too intelligent to overpay.

Hence, our proposition to you: a fine shirt, at a fair price. That’s the heart of Twillory. And so is philanthropy; we’re businessmen, but we’re also altruists. We have a feeling you probably are too. That’s why we give you the ability to donate your old, unwanted shirts to those in need – just pop them into our pre-addressed, pre-paid mailer bag, and help pay it forward.


Who needs extra steps? We’ve retailored the process to give you direct access to quality dress shirts. It’s all about cutting out the middleman.


No disrespect to them, but our years of high-end manufacturing expertise and longstanding relationships – we have a heritage of making shirts for luxury brands – allow us to bring you tailored essentials without the markup.

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