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Blogger News: Babee On Board 30.1.17

Press the button. Get a seat.



Pregnant? Request a seat on public transport with Babee on Board.

Once a pregnant person presses the button in our Request Seat app, a notification is sent to all those nearby who have our free Offer Seat app installed.

As it uses Bluetooth technology, it works underground without the need for signal or wifi.

100% of profits donated to charity.

The Request Seat app costs £3.99 with 100% of profits from the app donated to Project Healthy Children, which is widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective charities.

Not pregnant but want to offer your seat?

Download the Offer Seat app to get notified when a pregnant person presses the button in our Request Seat app (see above). Once downloaded, the app never needs to be opened, and takes up just 7mb of space, plus it’s extremely energy efficient, using less than 1% of battery life.

It all started with a badge…

We originally created a hardware badge that pregnant women wear. After 12 months of development and user testing, we replaced the hardware badge with an app, with no loss in functionality. This change significantly reduced the cost so more people can benefit from the technology.

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