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Blogger News: Care/Of Daily Supplements 31.1.17

You are unique. So are we. Build a personalized daily vitamin pack with honest guidance and better ingredients.



Tell us about yourself
Answer a few easy questions about your goals, lifestyle and values.
See your recommendation
We recommend the right vitamins and supplements. Add or remove as you see fit.
Get personalized daily packs
Receive a box of personalized packs each month. Adjust or cancel any time. Free shipping on orders over $20.
What's different?
No overwhelming aisles of fine print. No commissioned sales clerks. We'll send you a box of personalized daily vitamin packs monthly. We focus relentlessly on three things:
Honest Guidance
We promise to be honest with you. That means transparency on scientific research, product histories and sourcing. We may not have all the answers and science is nuanced, but we will always show our work and tailor the guidance to you as an individual.
Emerging Research
Our research and development team is obsessive about quality. They've dedicated their careers to it and traveled the globe to deliver the most effective, bio-available ingredients. Everything is encapsulated and tested in the United States.
Personalized for You
We're all unique (hurrah!). But with the differences in our goals and lifestyles, the idea of a mass-market multivitamin is outdated. The most compelling research on supplements is for specific populations. We'll help find what's right for you.
Good for you, good for your wallet

Save up to 20% by switching to Care/of from comparable brands at your local health food store. Price comparison is tricky - between bottle size and dosages, calculating monthly costs is hard. We did the math to help. By selling direct to you, we avoid brick-and-mortar costs and retail markups and pass the savings back to you.

Built with Purpose
Folate may reduce the risk of certain birth defects. For many women in the United States, however, prenatal vitamins are cost-prohibitive. This results in a real domestic health inequity that we don't think is just. Through our partnership with GOOD+ Foundation, every purchase you make at Care/of helps put our prenatals in the hands of a mother in need.
Backed by Science
Our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts. We work with them closely on our product development, recommendation logic, and to stay on top of the latest research findings.

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