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Blogger News: GigRove - Work Anywhere 31.1.17

Become a Traveling Freelancer.



For Freelance Travellers 
GigRove is connecting you with startup hosts who are looking for your skills. By providing your service to the startup host, you can get a free stay at desirable destination.

Based on their own judgment, travelers and hosts are deciding what selection to make when selecting a startup host (service seeker) or a traveler (helper) and they are solely responsible for making an agreement. Both travelers and startup hosts have the freedom to cancel their service during the exchange, but, it is highly recommended to finish the agreement.

To apply for a trip gig you need to send a message to startup host. In your message, introduce yourself with unique message and invite the host to check your profile. You can find the URL by visiting your profile.

Explain to the startup host why you should be a fit for his gig.If the skilled traveler is not satisfied with startup host’s hospitality he should publish the review under the host’s listing stating why he was unsatisfied with host’s hospitality.


If the startup host is not satisfied with traveler’s assistance he should publish the review and the traveler’s profile stating why he was unsatisfied with traveler’s assistance.

For Starup Hosts

If you are a startup host, looking for a service, first thing you need to do is to publish a listing, describing what kind of help you need and where you are located.

In order to get discovered, please include your city and the country where you’re from.

Describe firmly what kind of help you need and what can you provide to a helper. Travelers who want to help you expect to receive at least a place to stay and sleep for an exchange.

When submitting your description, mention how many hours of help do you require per day, and how many days do you need help.

After you submit your listing, it will appear all over the website, your profile will be available only to skilled travellers who already members.

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