Message from Branding, Marketing and PR personnel to bloggers

The Blogs Release evolved from the Press Release, the way information has been distributed to journalists for more than a hundred years.



The development of the BR as a tool of public relations in the web derives from the rise in the importance of bloggers in the media, and also from the differences between the New Media that they use, compared to journalists working in pre-internet media. The first Blogs Release was created by Danni Finkelstein, in 2012, while establishing a platform for the distribution of Blogs Releases. The blog world is regarded at times in terms of a separate cultural group, such as "The Blogosphere", but bloggers are getting more and more involved in cultural projects outside the web, and are targeted for PR and marketing. The blog world is dynamic and rapidly changing, so that identifying the relevant and influential bloggers is a challenging task. Leading bloggers get hundreds of updates daily, by email and RSS and it is hard to draw their attention to a certain brand.



An inspired BR will motivate the blogger to write and publish a post about an event, a product, a happening, new data or a personal story which indicates a phenomenon. The release is constructed in a manner that enables each blogger, according to his outlook, can make free use of materials that interest and inspire him / her to write a post.


Bloggers offer a richer content experience, due to their use of video, photos, animations, infographics, social tools and more. Mostly, bloggers publish a lot of content and they publish frequently, this in order to maintain loyalty and interest in their community. Therefore, they need to provide a lot of content and they are open to suggestions regarding news and stories, in contrast to journalists in TV or printed media. There are different kinds of blogs, based upon the tendencies and aims of the blogger: Pictures, video, brand reviews, personal diaries and micro-blogging (Tumblr). Bloggers are usually very active in social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, therefore their views have a potential for viral influence



Web PR is a developing practice. This kind of PR is characterized in marketing via the various social networks, and mostly via bloggers. There is now recognition in bloggers as a key to success in internet marketing. The BR is created by the brand owner, or by a PR agency. The publisher edits the materials in a BR Template, and they can distribute it to bloggers before anyone else, and it will be presented as “Exclusive”, and in case it is immediate it will be presented as a "Breaking News" message.


Until now, PR agencies and PR personnel sent a regular Press Release to a small number of bloggers. This distribution is limited in its scope and requires time to locate the relevant bloggers and contact them. In many countries, where tens of thousands of bloggers are active, locally or worldwide, it is customary to make use of electronic distribution means (BlogsConnections). In the new distribution model brand owners and PR personnel can reach bloggers in the exact desired category, selected by location worldwide. The BR is distributed to bloggers as just one concentrated and organized e-mail message (newsletter). With this method, it is possible to send messages to bloggers without violating the spam law. In addition, with the mechanism of electronic distribution services it is possible to schedule the distribution of the BR to specific timing.


A Blogs Release will include, apart from the traditional Press Release elements, some vital tools for the new media: Hyperlinks, tagging for the categorization of the content according to keywords for search engines, lists of links for additional information and quality material with an abundance of digital media that will provide all of the information interface for the blogger, including texts, images, video and links to social media pages, including Facebook, Pinterest and more.

It is possible to use a BR Template, which is tailored for the new media - via