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  • Joy the Baker

    Happy Monday my friends! If you pre-order a copy of Homemade Decadence, you also get a free print to frame. It's all love and I so so appreciate your support!


    Keep this is mind when picking a Halloween costume:

  • Light Stalking

    4 Basic Characteristics of Light Every Photographer Should Know

  • Don't Mess with Mama

    What a great idea! Have you tried this yet? (via Healthy Holistic Living)

  • Vanilla Bean Blog

    One more. The lovely @thefauxmartha and her sweet little one. #sundaysuppersthecookbook #myopenkitchen


    New to DIY? Then our weekly Terms of the Trade segment will help expand your knowledge of tools, techniques and general DIY knowledge. For the rest of you, it's a chance to brush up on what may have slipped through the cracks. This week we discuss the merits of the sanding block.

  • adventuregirl

    @JetBlue Can't wait to share my experience at More soon! #travel

  • om

    Champagne Supernovas says Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs & Alexander McQueen defined the 1990s. Here is my review of the book

  • jaybaer

    Soon you'll discover audio greatness with our great new #marketing #podcast website. Subscribe to stay in the know:

  • ronsela

    3 Marketing Lessons From The Video Game Industry You Can Use For Your Business via @martinjonesaz

  • adventurevida

    The Adventurey Report: Volkswagen Camper Van Almost Makes It Through Entire Road Trip Before Breaking Down. ...

  • PetrolBlog

    Not convinced you want a #Fiat Argenta. Maybe this Italian ad will convince you.

Industry News

Waze Releases New Version

Introducing Places!

BMW Motorrad presents the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT

special-edition models. Exclusively clad maxi scooters.

Precision and elegance in winner Eddy Anemian’s collection for H&M

H&M Design Award 2014 winner Eddy Anemian has created a highly developed capsule collection, translating his painstaking techniques of cut and construction.

New Audi TT

Design Innovation of the Year

Join the world’s most innovative market research conference

MRMW is coming to Africa on November, 5-6.

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