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    Andrew Garfield, so hot right now

  • BlogsRelease

    Wishing everyone a warm and cosy Thanksgiving, looking forward to hearing about all the dinner recipes, gifts and surprises on your blogs! Don't forget to find the turkey...he's out there somewhere! #bloggers #brands #BlogsRelease #Thanksgiving #gifts

  • Joy the Baker

    Let It Be Sunday: links for reading.

  • BlogPaws

    First person to name the SIX cities where each BlogPaws Conference took place gets a shout out on our Twitter page! Go! (hint we started in 2010)

  • Light Stalking

    What is the one thing about photography you like the most?

  • Don't Mess with Mama

    These gluten-free flour tortillas are perfect for all your tortilla needs! Plus they are super easy to make! Win win! :)

  • adventuregirl

    GREAT day today! Loved all your replies! More tomorrow/ sleep tight! #travel #dream

  • om

    For cloud, the best is yet to come

  • jaybaer

    On #JayToday: The Problem With @Google

  • ronsela

    RT @RenildeDeWit: 4 Social Media lessons NOT to learn from #BMWstories via @ajmeraharsh

  • adventurevida

    Video of the Day: The NY Times discovers "extreme skiing." Actually, it's pretty awesome.

  • PetrolBlog

    @torquespeak @MajorGav @PorscheGB_PR Heh. No, but plenty of launch control action!

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The Elegant, Location-Enabled Jacket That Will Lead You Through the Streets Of Paris.

Introducing Navigate Paris: New Wearable Apparel Piece by Wearable Experiments Joins Fashion and Function with Travel in Mind.

Smart Home Kit

The Smart Home Kit can turn any household object into an internet-connected device

Transforming Instagram Prints into Illuminable Art

Backlit Photo Frame Keeps Analog Alive

Dedicated to Transforming the Culture of Breastfeeding

Free-standing lactation station/pod that offers nursing mothers a safe, clean, functional, and beautifully designed space.

Wild Wonders & Behind the Bazaar

PUMA and Solange Team Up on Second Footwear Collection

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