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BlogsRelease is turning blogger influencers into brand storytellers. 

We at BlogsRelease believe that partnerships between brands and influencers are wonderful opportunities for brands to promote their content in an organic way and for bloggers to have their voices heard. That's why we're always excited to connect leading bloggers and great brands for amazing and innovative campaigns.

BlogsRelease solves the problem of finding leading relevant blogger influencers in specific fields to write authentic content (product reviews and events coverage), and allows brands to track and measure the reach of their campaigns on a personal dashboard. Simply send us your brief, your desired categories and countries of interest, and we will match the right bloggers for you!
The BlogsRelease Board is also the only newsboard made especially for bloggers. We offer an inviting environment where brands can upload their campaigns for bloggers, and bloggers can pick what matters to them. Bloggers have the opportunity to work with brands and get promotion and more traction on their blogs, as well as the chance to receive products and attend events.
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BlogsRelease & Events
We are proud media partners with global events. See our Events Ebook for how we can help spread the news of your event.

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